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The Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values of WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal


The vision of WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal is to empower the people of Nepal through innovative opportunities in long term education

The mission of WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal is to provide financial assistance and educational opportunities to communities and schools in both underprivileged urban areas and remote rural regions through collaborative partnerships with local and international educators, governments and industries.

    To promote an equitable educational environment regardless of age, gender or beliefs.
    To ensure that children receive long term, stable education.
    To create sustainable partnerships with local industries able to provide vocational training and necessary job skills that will lead to long term employment opportunities for those who did not receive basic education.
    To provide financial resources for educational supplies and vocational equipment that will support quality education and a positive occupational environment.

Core Values
    Altruism: To work tirelessly for the benefit of others;
    Sustainability: To provide a foundation that allows for a lifetime of continued benefits;
    Collaboration: To work in cooperation with all of our partners in order to achieve the highest goals appropriate to the local community;
    Respect: To recognize, celebrate and respect the indigenous culture of the people of Nepal;

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