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Photo: Prem Tamang

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Photo: Raj Kumar Bhattarai

The donations shown below indicate how you can help WWEP help Nepali residents in need


Provide a uniform and annual classroom supplies to a child at a government-run primary school in a rural village



Replenish arts and crafts supplies for a class of 20 students for six months of weekly after-school arts education

Adminsiter training and instructional courses for an adult porter to advance to higher-paid positions in trekking


Grant the funding to renovate a small primary school with new paint and refurbished classroom furniture


Bestow one year of tuition and textbooks for a student to pursue an advanced degree in university


Create a library facility for a primary school, including hundreds of books and shelving for storage

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A donation to WWEP will help us to fulfill our goals for the coming year, allowing more Nepali citizens to expand their education and skills. We assist children and adults in both rural and urban areas of Nepal through a system of managed grants.

Our programs are facilitated by local partner organizations located in the capital city of Kathmandu. Given the favorable cost of goods and services in Nepal, your contributions will go a long way to provide success and security for families and individuals struggling to move ahead in their lives within a very challenged economic system.


The yellow DONATE button above will direct you to a page where you can choose your own level of donation based on the impact that you wish to make.


Our programs cover all ranges of scale and focus, so use the examples above as reference points for the impact that you wish to make.

Thank you for you support.

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