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Education   Sponsorships

WWEP’s primary aim is to ensure a stable education for the children of Nepal by providing long term educational sponsorships to those who do not have the ability to attend school or attain formal education due to financial hardship. Sponsorships are granted under a managed selection process in collaboration with local teachers and administrators to provide a full primary and secondary education for each student awarded.  Children entering the first level of education will be eligible to receive a full twelve year educational award, while children already attending school will receive awards ensuring that they will have the ability to fully complete secondary education.

    Two of the most important factors in providing education for these children are consistency and sustainability.  Once a child has begun an educational sponsorship, WWEP is committed to keeping that child in school until final graduation.  Please help them by considering a long term commitment with your support.

The City of Kathmandu and the Greater Kathmandu Valley

WWEP has partnered with a small number of Nepal and United States based charity organizations to administer education sponsorships, allowing children to attend primary and secondary schools in the greater Kathmandu area. Students in Nepal are taught in a manner very similar to schools in the United States, with an emphasis on reading, math, history and science. However, in addition to learning Nepali, students are also taught English at an early age such that they can begin to speak the language within one year of starting school.  All students understand that although their own heritage is important, learning English is the key to ensuring a successful career in today’s job market. Some students also enjoy instruction in art, dance and music, especially when it relates to their native Nepali culture. Your donation will provide a child with tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies to ensure that they can learn along side of the other students with confidence.  

As of January 2024, WWEP has eighteen students enrolled in schools in the Greater Kathmandu Valley thanks to generous donations from WWEP supporters.

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Education for Young Buddhist Monks

WWEP has also partnered with schools for Buddhist studies to offer an advanced education to novice monks who come from impoverished families in urban and rural areas of Nepal. Monks typically receive an education with an emphasis on monastic studies, which leaves them lacking in more conventional skills. Very few Buddhist schools offer a unique dual education track that allows graduating monks the option of pursuing either a monastic lifestyle or a career in more marketable subjects such as science or business. The Drupngi Khading Ling Monastery offers a program such as this but on a smaller scale. Located in northeast Kathmandu, this monastery provides a more personalized set of studies based on each child's needs. In the interests of balance for the entire school population, contributions are used to support all of the students equally.

WWEP provides contributions that benefit all of the enrolled monks in their studies and in outside activities such as culturally based field trips. Please help us increase that annual contribution.

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Rural Villages in the Foothills of the Himalayas

WWEP has partnered with two Nepali organizations, Sindhu Utthan Kendra Nepal and Kids of Himalaya, to develop education sponsorships and general support for schools in small villages in the mid-hill regions of the Himalayas. These tiny villages, often located far off the standard tourist paths, have greatly reduced resources in almost all areas of everyday life. WWEP is pursuing various education programs in these villages to help children who have either struggled in a school with a low level of resources or have never attended school in their lives. WWEP is proud to assume the responsibility for helping implement the education development programs in these tiny villages where few children receive an education on par with those in Kathmandu public schools. Being that Government schools charge no tuition for classes, your contributions help improve the overall classroom experience for all students with the addition of new programs and classes.

As of January 2024, WWEP has helped sponsor the education of as many as 350 children in the rural villages of Nepal.

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