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For years, WWEP has provided financial support to smaller schools to allow the hiring of special subject teachers, such as those for art, music and dance. This has allowed schools with a strict academic curriculum to include culturally inclusive subjects that encourage creative thought for the students.

Recently, WWEP has begin to provide faculty members for a newly constructed pre-school facility located in the remote hill region of Sindhupalchowk. We have found that any students attending pre-school classes prior to primary school have a marked improvement in reading and comprehension skills than students without the advance learning opportunities.

In 2017, the Sano Sansar Kindergarten facility opened and WWEP provided two faculty members for the school. However, the pre-school services became so popular with the village residents that classes quickly reached maximum capacity. Immediately, it was apparent that more rooms and faculty were required to meet the rapidly growing need. More classrooms are currently under construction to meet the demand.

Faculty Support
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