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A diverse and fully stocked library is the goal of any school throughout the world. In Nepal, poor funding for schools can often result in small quantities of aging and damaged books being the only resources a local library can have.

WWEP's Libraries for Schools program pursues underfunded schools and social services facilities that have students who are eager to read and write. Most schools teach both Nepali and English but textbooks can only offer so much in terms of a broad vocabulary of language and ideas.


WWEP provides books for all ages and reading levels to under-served libraries that have a need for expansion. For facilities with no storage infrastructure, WWEP also provides shelving and cataloging assistance for the organizations.


Many schools lock up their books in an effort to preserve the few assets that they own but this will deter students from reading due to the limited access. WWEP encourages new libraries to be open and accessible, even if it entails some loss of damage to books along the way. A "well-loved" book is one that is fully serving its purpose.

Libraries for Schools
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