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School buildings that had been built in Nepal during the late 1980s may have been stellar at the time of their construction but were now in desperate need of repair. Most were built from flat stones stacked in piles, coated with a slurry of mud and straw then topped with smooth clay.


Over time, these buildings sagged and cracked, receiving only periodic coats of new plaster and paint as their only form of renovation. WWEP was able to renovate two of these old buildings before the great earthquakes of 2015 leveled most all of the rock-stacked buildings in Central Nepal.

At that point, WWEP moved forward with funding for temporary school structures made from bamboo and tin panels that better resisted quakes. With the coming monsoon due in less than two months, shelter from the pouring rain was the immediate concern. The bitter winter of the Himalayas was still eight months away and further improvements could be made to the bamboo structures at a future date.

WWEP took on the task of rebuilding the primary school in Mendo near the TIbtan border. Within one year's time, it re-opened with great celebration from the villagers

Facility Renovation
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