WWEP's Education Sponsorship Program accepts children from all walks of Nepali life and offers them an opportunity to advance like others their own age.

We provide services ranging from basic classroom materials to full tuition and/or room and board. based on needs pf the students and resources of the parents.

Some of our programs cover urban children in the larger cities and others cover rural areas where villages can be miles apart from each other.

Disabled students are cared for based on their individual needs and physical challenges. Learning disabilities are addressed with additional tutoring and special class materials.

Some of our success stories include students who started out homeless and illiterate, only to expand their goals until they are graduating high school and entering universities destined for business, medical and law degrees.

Remote village schools
This small school in a rural village serves no more than 30 students in classes 1-3. WWEP provides writing materials and uniforms for students in the village
Urban private schools
This well funded private school in Kathmandu serves hundreds of students, most of whom have some type of support or sponsorship from outside their family. Some of our students have attended here.
Monastic studies
This small monastery in the north part of Kathmandu serves 18 novice monks, providing a dual education in both traditional subjects and religious studies too.
Photo: Sherpa DM
Students with families
These are four of the students that WWEP sponsors through the Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children. The children and their parents came to the Mitrata Children's Home to meet with Steve Mannshardt, Executive Director of WWEP.
Photo: Pawan Dahal
Students orphaned
These five siblings were found orphaned on the streets of Kathmandu ten years ago. Homeless, undernourished and poorly clothed, it is a miracle that they all survived. All five were taken in by the Mitrata Children's Home and two of the five are sponsored by WWEP.
Visually imparied students
WWEP also assists with disabled students who cannot be cared for by their families. Contracting a serious eye infection, this child lost her sight due to lack of simple medical treatment at her home village in the Himalayas. WWEP sponsored her full-time care for five years until she was adopted by a family.
Photo: Khadak Rokaya
Developmental disabilities
WWEP also provides care for developmentally disabled students, especially those in rural areas where standard medical care is poor. Extra classes and tutors are provided when necessary.
Kids curious about school
Children from this remote mountain village clamor around the open window to a primary school as classes continue inside. Virtually all children enjoy school and wish to attend but lack of money and other family challenges sometimes prevent their participation.
Graduating into University
The students in the graduating class of the UniGlobe SS High School pose for a formal portrait as they complete class 12 and prepare for college.
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